Treasures of the Heaven

Treasures of the Heaven

Jingdezhen, located to the northeast of the Pavilion of Prince Teng, is the world-renowned “Porcelain Capital”. Here, the history of porcelain-making dates back to over 1,000 years agoc. During the Song Dynasty’s Jingde period (1004 - 1008 AD), it was named “Jingdezhen” after the reign title, and famous craftsmen from all over the country moved here. This ancient town with unique kaolin clay resources has been the center of China’s porcelain industry since the 14th century.

History is magnificent, but also rough and harsh. Even the thousand-year-old kiln fire once flickered…

Entering the 21st century, the ancient porcelain capital has awakened from its deep dreams, while the kiln of Chun Feng Xiang Yu emerged like a shining star. Coming from a ceramicist family, Zou Jun, the owner of the kiln, has been working in the porcelain industry for 34 years since 1989. His persistence and perseverance are key in carrying on the heritage. Artistic tradition and ancient wisdom from the past dynasties are a sharp sword for future generations, and they are also a curse. Breaking through the heavy pressure, and creating our own works in contemporary history is the ultimate goal that Zou Jun has been pursuing unremittingly for decades.

The lifelike characters and grand landscapes are compared with scroll paintings, masterly depicted within inches. Modern aesthetics interpreted with exceptional craftsmanship, Chun Feng Xiang Yu is worthy of the reputation of “treasures of the heaven”.

In over a decade of collaboration between Sunzen Art Gallery and Mr. Zou Jun, we have witnessed Chun Feng Xiang Yu’s most important stages of creation, each representing the thinking and exploration of Chinese porcelain art and its future at that time. In a sense, what we are witnessing at this moment is history itself.

Now, we collect more than a hundred masterpieces of Chun Feng Xiang Yu over the years, and present them in this exhibition with a respectful heart, to witness the beauty of contemporary Chinese ceramics with you. 

Producer: Jing Ning

Curator: Sida Chen



Sunzen Art Gallery, 420 Howe St., Vancouver
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须眉毕肖的人物、宏大的山水,如画卷般,于方寸间游刃有余。现代审美诠释卓越工艺, “春风祥玉”,可堪物华天宝之美誉。








Sunzen Art Gallery(温哥华三生缘), 420 Howe St., Vancouver


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