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Treasures of the Heaven

Treasures of the Heaven Jingdezhen, located to the northeast of the Pavilion of Prince Teng, is the world-renowned “Porcelain Capital”. Here, the history of porcelain-making dates back to over 1,000 years agoc. During the Song Dynasty’s Jingde period (1004 - 1008 AD), it was named “Jingdezhen” after the reign title, and famous craftsmen from all over the country moved here. This ancient town with unique kaolin clay resources has been the center of China’s porcelain industry since the 14th century. History is magnificent, but also rough and harsh. Even the thousand-year-old kiln fire once flickered… Entering the 21st century, the ancient porcelain capital has awakened from its deep dreams, while the kiln of Chun Feng Xiang Yu emerged like a...

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