Zimantang Fair Cup Without Handle 自慢堂无把玻璃公道杯
Zimantang Fair Cup Without Handle 自慢堂无把玻璃公道杯
Zimantang Fair Cup Without Handle edge

Zimantang Fair Cup Without Handle 自慢堂无把玻璃公道杯

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Size: 220 ml

The fair cup is an essential tea utensil. Pouring the tea into a fair cup before dividing it into each cup ensures that every guest receives tea at the same time with the same tastes. 

This fair cup features a super simple design and elegant shape. Made with special high strength glass, this charming fair cup with a golden sequin handle has high hydrolysis resistance, as well as pressure and heat shock resistance. The special glass material also ensures long-lasting transparency that will allow you to observe the colour, intensity, and permeability of the tea soup accurately. Moreover, the shape of the fair cup also allows the aroma of the tea stays longer in the cup, allowing the tea lovers to enjoy every moment of brewing and drinking tea.






The fairness cup first appeared in the Ming Dynasty (15th century) of China as a special wine container. It has gradually evolved into one of the indispensable tea utensils on tea banquets, also known as teacups and tea seas. In the process of making tea, the brewing time of tea leaves is a key factor that affects the taste of tea soup. The taste of tea will be different if the tea stays in hot water for a different time; if the time is too short and light, it will be bitter if it is too long. It needs to be handled carefully, the role of the fair cup is mainly to balance the taste of the tea soup. 

Pour the brewed tea soup into fair cups, and divide them evenly into each cup, so that when guests taste the tea soup, the tea soup in the cup will have the same taste and taste. The word "justice" vividly expresses this. Kind of respect for guests. Earlier, the fairway cup was mostly made of porcelain.

Nowadays, glass has become the main material of a fair cup. The transparency of glass helps people observe the colour, intensity, and permeability of the tea soup. In addition, due to the shape of the cup with a large belly and a small mouth, it is conducive to the residue and accumulation of aroma. In today’s Chinese tea feast, experienced tea people will make an accurate assessment of the quality of the tea based on the appearance of the tea soup and the remaining aroma in the fair cup without even tasting it.


公道杯,最早出现于中国明代(15世纪)起初是一种特制的盛酒用器物,后来逐渐演变成为茶席上必不可少的茶具之一,也被称为茶盅、茶海。 在泡茶的过程中,茶叶的冲泡时间是影响茶汤味道的一项关键因素,茶叶在热水中停留的时间不同,口感也会不同;时间过短寡淡,时间过长则会苦涩,需要仔细拿捏,公道杯的作用则主要在于均衡茶汤的味道。