Dalakan Agarwood Bracelets  8mm*108p   达拉干沉香珠  8mm*108p

Dalakan Agarwood Bracelets 8mm*108p 达拉干沉香珠 8mm*108p

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Bracelets with wooden beads are a kind of accessories loved by many Chinese literati. It's playable, collectible and often believed that it can bring good fortune. The materials used to make the beads are great in varieties, including jade, high-end wood, Puti, agate, etc. Beads made of agarwood are going in popularity, and are highly appreciated by collectors due to Agarwood's all-natural growth condition and scarcity. 

As a significant materials in the Chinese cultural history, Agarwood bracelet becomes even more rare and precious. In addition, Agarwood is a precious medicinal ingredient that has been cherished since ancient times. It has pharmacological effects such as boosting energy and metabolism, relieving pain and vomiting, and soothing asthma. The long term benefits of wearing agarwood bracelet include helpping regulate the body's breath and improving sleep.