Jade Ornament Silver Tea Kettle (SUNZEN x KUANSHAN) 【宽山堂问玉银壶(三生缘定制款)】
Jade Ornament Silver Tea Kettle (SUNZEN x KUANSHAN) 【宽山堂问玉银壶(三生缘定制款)】

Jade Ornament Silver Tea Kettle (SUNZEN x KUANSHAN) 【宽山堂问玉银壶(三生缘定制款)】

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In Eastern cultures jade is always a symbol of good fortune. This Silver pot is specially designed with three jade rings. The spout is straight and short, allowing a good water output for the users to serve their tea with the best teaware.  This kettle pot illustratews the beauty of a simple but elegant design.

Material: Silver, Jade, Iron

Size: 800 ml

壶身上敛下阔,壶钮别具一格地以三只玉环相结而成,以玉喻德,简单却不失端 庄大气。壶身自然鎚目,壶嘴直口短流,出水及适手性俱佳。  

材质: 银、玉、铁



宽山堂  Kuanshantang

Kuanshantang was founded by Ruiyan, who is a collector of metalworks, porcelain, tea wares, and an aesthetician. Ruiyan was strongly attracted and inspired by the beauty of the hand-made, antique Japanese silver kettles, which differs so much from the industrialized, made-wby-machine crafts and wares. Pushed by his own pursuit of the real meaning of beauty, Ruiyan painted the first stroke of kuanshantang, now known as the representative of contemporary Chinese craftsmanship, in 2011. The silver kettles made by kuanshantang are known for their high quality, archaistic designs, and the beautiful details.