Xiaoya Blue and White Under Glaze Cup with Single Flower Design    小雅内绘青花玉脂杯
Xiaoya Blue and White Under Glaze Cup with Single Flower Design    小雅内绘青花玉脂杯

Xiaoya Blue and White Under Glaze Cup with Single Flower Design 小雅内绘青花玉脂杯

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The brand Xiaoya was formally known as Jiangxi Porcelain Company. Its name comes from a chapter of an ancient literature masterpiece “the Book of Poetry”, conveying the meaning of warm hospitality. Xiaoya specializes in high-quality blue and white porcelain making, and is appreciated by merchants from Japan and Taiwan. As it grew in popularity, it became well-known among collectors in mainland China. Now Xiaoya mainly focuses on tea wares, calligraphy supplies and decors. The works are exquisite, delicate, with meticulous craftsmanship and beautiful designs. Xiaoya’s visual components contains mostly flowers, birds, fish and natural objects, complemented with a feminine style. It's charming porcelain has gained a reputation of "the king of small pieces". The name Xiaoya in Chinese means small and elegant, and it perfectly reflects the brand's subtle and low-key beauty.

The craftsmanship of Xiaoya are extremely exquisite. They carefully select local pottery clay from Jingde Town, and only use the highest grade of raw cobalt paint. From mud, blanks, slabs, paintings to glazing, all Xiaoya porcelains are completely handmade. In addition to its artistic value, Xiaoya also strive for perfection on the usability of the porcelain. The capacity, glaze, position of the handle, fluidity have went through thousands of tests, and will provide users with the most smooth and enjoyable experience.

The great success of Xiaoya brand is inseparable from the pursuit of its founder Ruan Dingrong. Mr. Ruan is a perfectionist and a total artist. Every work of him is produce thoughtfully as a collectible piece, making Xiaoya one of the top kilns in Jingde Town.