YUANHUA Celadon Glaze Wine Shot With Golden Pattern 【元华堂影青釉描金酒杯】
YUANHUA Celadon Glaze Wine Shot With Golden Pattern 【元华堂影青釉描金酒杯】

YUANHUA Celadon Glaze Wine Shot With Golden Pattern 【元华堂影青釉描金酒杯】

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Wine culture has a long history around the world and has formed a unique culture through thousands of years of inheritance. With the increasing popularity of wine gatherings, the appreciation for wine goblets is growing, and gradually becomes the center of attention in the banquet. Wine goblets have been referred to as ping, jue, and cup since ancient times. With the continuous improvement of porcelain production technology, porcelain wine goblets have become the main products in this field, with a growing variety of designs and innovative forms.

YUAN HUA TANG specializes in antique porcelain and has many innovative designs inspired by traditions. Its "Porcelain Reflection" series of Chinese white wine shots have been designed for several years, inheriting traditional craftsmanship, and blending modern aesthetics, in the form of pastels and colour glaze, auspicious pattern, representative of shape, and practicability.

This wine shot illustrates the elegance of celadon porcelain, supplemented by the golden patterns on the upper and middle parts of the cup body. The two colours echo each other, showing a sense of artistic aesthetic.

size: 8 ml