"A Herd of Deer in the Maple Grove" by Ren Zhong, ink on silk


Artist Bio

Born in 1976, Yinchuan, Ningxia Autonomous Region.

While Ren’s father taught him traditional Chinese painting and poetry, Ren developed a strong interest in Song and Yuan Dynasty paintings and literature. He started to practice painting and calligraphy since childhood and won the Golden Award at National “Star Cup” Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition at the age of 16. In 1997, a selection of his works was exhibited at 97 Europe X China Art Show and Beijing International Fan Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibition hosted by Ministry of Culture of China. Since then, his works have been exhibited in major art museums and galleries around the country, including the National Art Museum of China, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Museum of Sichuan and Xingtan Art Museum. In addition, he is also involved in multiple artists associations, as the Chair of Yinchuan Artists Association, and a member of Ningxia Artists Association. His recent presence on an international level includes being featured on Masterpiece London, Art Basel Hong Kong, and Casa Natale di Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. 

Ren have been influenced by the Southern School of ink painting and modern ink painting master Chang Dai-chien, as well as traditional Chinese culture and Confucianism. He believes any ordinary activities of human life – including art practices - is a manifestation of the sacred. As he puts heavy emphasis on humanism and harmony among nature and society, both his creative process and the final works echo to this belief. “The investigation on traditional masterpieces and techniques, the observation of nature, and the devotion to traditional culture… few people can dedicate themselves to such hard work persistently”, foremost Chinese artist and scholar Chen Peiqiu commented, “therefore, Ren’s works have captured all aspects of Gongbi art comprehensively, from figures to landscape to animals, from the Song Dynasty to the modern era, he is such a well-rounded artist.”



Ren Zhong: Twin Wings to the Glory - A Contemporary Gongbi Painting Master. Exhibition Poster

REN ZHONG: Twin Wings to the Glory - A Contemporary Gongbi Painting Master

Nov. 22, 2019 - Feb. 21, 2020
Curated by Lam Wong and Viahsta Yuan

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Chinese wisdom and the spirit of philosophical enlightenment, Ren Zhong: Twin Wings to the Glory exhibition delves into the symbiosis between humans and nature – how we relate to the idea of cohabitant and living creatures from both inner and outer polarities. Featuring 38 new exquisite paintings by the Chinese contemporary GongBi (Meticulous tradition) painting master. Sunzen Gallery is delighted and honoured to present Ren Zhong’s first exhibition in Canada.


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This season, CLOTTEE by CLOT has tapped Ren Zhong for its latest collaborative designs on Tmall, showcasing traditional Chinese motifs for its extended "Legend" series! Ren Zhong artfully injects ancient Chinese folklore, picturesque landscapes and cultural references - combining art and streetwear on a range of contemporary basics.

All works are currently on view at Sunzen Art Gallery.

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