Artist Bio

Pan Yining is an interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in Vancouver and Chicago.

She engages in exploring the fundamental matter of materialism and the substance of beauty. Utilizing a contrast of textures, shapes, lines and colours to create contrast and confusion,and to explore the ambivalent relationships between materialism and pure aesthetic pursuit. White is a primary colour she uses, due to its numerous representational meanings in modern aesthetics, and absolute emptiness in materialistic thoughts. Her works also investigate issues with social and personal identities. She employs Chinese and Japanese languages to explore the impact of foreign characters on speakers and non-speakers, and further explore how linguistic structure shapes understandings and culture formation. Her larger scale installations aim to re-define space through recreating traditional Chinese landscape in a conceptual manner.


ArtBash 2020, Chicago, IL, USA - May, 2020 

Reincarnation - the Second Life of Antique Japanese Kettles, Vancouver, BC, Canada - December, 2020


Installation Die
叠 die (Layer), 2018
Paper, light, wire
66’’ x 43’’
shanshui sculpture
山水 Shanshui (Landscape), 2020
Acrylic board, fabric, medium
15” x 15” x 30”

Ling installation 1
ling installation 2
囹 ling (Stray), 2020
85”x 60”
生 Sheng (life), 2020
Wood board, acrylic, flowers
10“ x 10”
ming photography

命 Ming (Destiny), 2018
Foamboard, acrylic, found objects
shi photography
食 Shi (Eat), 2020
Cardboard, acrylic, found objects
Lifesize (cube 4”x4”x4”)