2009 Post-fermented Pu'er Whole Leaf Tea Bag  袋表作2009年鸿运

2009 Post-fermented Pu'er Whole Leaf Tea Bag 袋表作2009年鸿运

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Size: 3g x 10 packs

Made with Yunnan Fengqing Pu'er tea leaves from 2009, this post-fermented tea has been aged for 2 years and packaged into teabag unchopped. This tea is produced under the supervision of the well-known Pu'er master Mr. Deng Shihai. The tea soup is mellow, the aftertaste is melodious, and the taste is elegant and refreshing. The original whole tea leaves are packed into bags without chopping. It is convenient to carry and brew, while guarantee the original flavour of the tea. Unlike conventional teabag that can release up to 3 billion nanoplastics per brew, our tea bag is made with corn husk fibre, which is completely safe and healthy in hot water. It's also fully compostable, making your tea drinking habit more green and enjoyable.



尺寸:3g x 10袋