The Ultimate Brewing Guide for Pu'er Tea

When a fresh leaf leaves the tea tree, it goes through a long journey of natural processes and appears on the table. As the water uncurls the leaf and the aroma flows into your mouth, this simple little tea leaf releases its calming and rejuvenating power and fills your body with all-natural energy. The brewing process contains more cultural connotations. It is a ritual, a conversation, and an encounter between us and the world. Here is a step by step guide to help you get started. Now you can make the best Pu'er tea every time at home.

To join us on this magical journey, follow the below steps:

  1. Tea: Prepare the tea according to our suggested amount per 100 ml of water and put it into a tea boat or small plate. If working with a whole tea cake, you need to separate the tea by carefully pulling its smaller pieces apart. Try not to break each leaf and stem to avoid the bitter taste.
  2. Teaware: Choose your teacup, justice cup and teapot according to your likings. We suggest a purple clay teapot or lidded tea bowl, as they allow the best release of the flavour.
  3. Water: Keep the water boiling, an iron or silver pot would be the best options for maintaining the temperature.
  4. Warming your pot and cups by pouring boiling water into them. Leaving the water in for a few minutes to make sure everything is warm-up.
  5. Drain the water in the teapot, put tea leaves in, fill the pot with hot water and then drain the water immediately. This step is called “waking up the tea”, the steam left inside the pot will allow the tea to absorb enough moisture and release its aroma. You can pour the water onto your clay teapot. Feeding your clay teapot with tea is the best nourishment, it’s a way to build connection and make your pot shiny and beautiful.
  6. Pour hot water into the pot again to make the first brew. Follow the brewing guide for each type of tea, and then pour the tea into the justice cup or your own cup.
  7. Serve immediately. You will be able to taste the different layers of aromatic notes. Be careful and take only small sips, as the tea is still steaming hot.
Now a wonderful tea gathering has begun. Tea has the magical power to connect people. Share brews of tea with your friends and family while chatting and chilling, happiness becomes that simple and flavourful.

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