Tea Meets Art - Tea Tasting with Chen Sheng Hao 【陈升号】

Tea Meets Art - Tea Tasting with Chen Sheng Hao 【陈升号】

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Join us and enjoy Lao Ban Zhang, Naka, Nannuo raw Pu-erh tea from Chen Sheng Hao 【陈升号】.

The best experience of Chinese tea ceremony with premium tea samples offered by Chen Sheng Hao. 

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2021

Time: 14:00 - 15:45 pm


About PU-ER tea

Pu'er tea or pu-erh tea has been used to aid digestion and improve metabolism for over 1500 years.  The ageing process took away raw flavour and adds a delightful and long-lasting aroma to the taste. Made with carefully hand-pick leaves from Yunnan, China, followed the traditional craftsmanship, these loose leaf tea will bring your tea tasting experience to the next level.



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